Aquatherm Blue Pipe (Climatherm)

Aquatherm Blue Pipe (Climatherm) SDR 17.6 MF  

Aquatherm Blue Pipe (Climatherm) SDR 17.6 MF

Pipe Series: SDR 17.6 MF 

Application: Chilled water, condenser water, compressed air and other industrial applications

Size Range : 160mm - 630mm


This system was developed 10 years ago in order to prevent corrosion in air conditioning pipes and quickly expanded its range of application, with many positive features for other fields of piping installation. It has gone on to find success around the world in hotels, stadiums, schools, offices, and industrial applications. The aquatherm blue pipe system has been developed especially for applications outside the potable water installation. Aquatherm Blue Pipe (Climatherm) was engineered to be a superior alternative to steel, stainless steel and inferior plastics.



Air conditioning systems (problems with dew-point) installed with steel pipes especially are affected by corrosion at the outer surface of the pipes. Aquatherm blue pipe is manufactured from 100% corrosion resistant materials which increase the life-time of air-conditioning pipe systems considerably. 

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