Aquatherm Lilac Pipe

Aquatherm Lilac Pipe SDR 11  

Aquatherm Lilac Pipe SDR 11

Pipe Series: SDR 11

Application: Recycled or reclaimed water

Size Range: 20mm - 250mm


In countries that are highly committed to the environment, like Australia and California, it is already standard to reduce daily water consumption by using recycled water when possible. Now Aquatherm Lilac Pipe is also regarded in other countries as a standard colour for greywater pipes, giving us both the colour and name for our reclaimed water service lines.


Reclaimed and recycled water sources, and rainwater catchment systems are being specified and installed much more frequently as building and plumbing codes are updated to allow this as a means for improving water conservation. The codes will require that the system be kept entirely separate from the potable water supply, and that the piping be color-coded and labeled to identify it as non-potable.


The piping uses the same durable, corrosion-resistant polypropylene material that has been successfully used for hot-and-cold water distribution for over 30 years. This, combined with design modifications, colouring, marking, and independent third-party certification by NSF International, make Aquatherm Lilac Pipe the ideal choice for water conservation.


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