Duker MLK-protec Cast Iron Pipe System (Aggressive Waste)

Duker MLK-protec (Aggressive Waste)  

Duker MLK-protec (Aggressive Waste)

Pipe Series: MLK-Protec - Hubless Cast Iron Pipe and Fittings 

Application: Aggressive waste drainage

Size Range : DN 50 to DN 400


MLK-protec was developed particularly for the drainage of waste waters of a certain aggressiveness in domestic areas. It bears a special coating inside as well as an outside coating that is suitable for underground installation. The advantages known from the standard version SML - stability, installation friendliness, noise an fire protection - remain unchanged.

MLK-protec is suitable for drainage pipes charged with waste water whose aggressiveness surpasses the normal domestic use, e.g. in professional kitchens and canteens.

For the following applications, we recommend to consult us:

•  food and beverage industries

•  meat processing and butcheries

•  thermal and medical spas

•  hospitals and care facilities

•  school, hospital or photo laboratories

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