Duker SML Cast Iron Pipe System (Domestic Waste)

Duker SML (Domestic Waste)  

Duker SML (Domestic Waste)

Pipe Series: SML - Hubless Cast Iron Pipe and Fittings 

Application: Domestic waste drainage

Size Range : DN 50 to DN 400


Düker drainage pipe systems are manufactured of grey cast iron GG according to EN 1561. This Düker-typical crystalline structure gives the material high strength, wear and temperature resistance, excellent corrosion resistance, and a very high damping capacity. Düker SML drainage pipes distinguish themselves by robustness, durability, fire resistance and silent operation – even without special insulation or soundproofing.



The SML drainage pipes are coated with a reddish brown base coat on the outside according to the current standard. On the inside, the pipes are provided with a permanent cross-linked epoxy coating which distinguishes itself by high resistance against chemical and mechanical influences. The features of this high-quality coating go beyond the requirements of EN 877. The Düker hot permanent mould entrifugal casting process used in the production of our pipes guarantees a uniform, non-porous interior coating with fully cross-linked, elastic and epoxy material.



Cost comparisons between SML pipeline systems and alternative materials must not only compare the cost of pipe per meter. An evaluation must also consider the following advantages of SML:

• Easy and fast installation with no specialists required; normal plumber’s skills are sufficient.

• No special equipment required.

• No costly fire protection collars.

• Lower fire insurance premiums.

• Fewer brackets due to superior stability.

• No thermal expansion sockets.

• No calculation of deflection legs with anchored and sliding fixings.

• Excellent sound absorption, no overall noise insulation or additional noise protection walls necessary.

• High resistance to positive and negative pressure, axial restraint up to 10 bar possible, therefore no need to change material in sensitive areas.

• Lower maintenance costs for damages by use or vandalism.

• Full recyclability means lower removal costs at the end of the lifetime of the building.


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